What is a Red Flag Warning?

This post is an adaptation from https://www.weather.gov/mqt/redflagtips. Not an original blog.

Have you noticed an increase of fire breakouts in your area? Or gotten alerts for Red Flag Watches/Warnings? As the year is approaching summer, the days are getting hotter, strong winds are coming through, and the humidity has been very low. These are all conditions of an environment that could produce dangerous fires. 

If you are outside during a Red Flag Watch/Warning, her are some tips to remember: 

– If you are allowed to burn in your area, all burn barrels must be covered with a weighted metal cover, with holes no larger than 3/4 of an inch.

– Do not throw cigarettes or matches out of a moving vehicle. They may ignite dry grass on the side of the road and become a wildfire.

– Extinguish all outdoor fires properly. Drown fires with plenty of water and stir to make sure everything is cold to the touch. Dunk charcoal in water until cold. Do not throw live charcoal on the ground and leave it.

– Never leave a fire unattended. Sparks or embers can blow into leaves or grass, ignite a fire, and quickly spread.

– If you have recently laid down mulch, be sure to water it right after putting it down and keep it damp as if it dries out too much, it can combust and create a fire. 

– Make sure your fire/smoke detectors are up to date

– Set a fire emergency plan/route and a meet up location with your family in case of a house fire. 


For more information, check out this other blog on Red Flag Warnings at https://www.npr.org/2023/04/14/1169979511/red-flag-warning-fire-prevention-tips#:~:text=What%20should%20you%20do%20if,issues%20%E2%80%94%20are%20during%20the%20day.