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Your bathroom is one of the most-used areas of the house, so make it look exactly like your dream. At J&R Construction our process is to work with you step by step to first understand what you are looking for in you new bathroom and then to build it.

You don’t have to stress about the cost as our consultations are free!

We are a full-service bathroom remodeler in Lexington and surrounding areas that focuses on customer satisfaction. You’ll get experienced, well-qualified professionals providing customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Bathroom Remodeling – Creating the Dream

When it comes to remodeling, being able to create an accessible space that’s also visually pleasing is a complex job that requires professional experience. Our team knows how to blend elements for a beautiful, functional bathroom.

Our Process

  • During our initial free consultation, one of our trusted consultants will discuss the scope of your home renovation.
  • We discuss what your needs and desires are for your project in order to make sure we design a space that is functional for you.
  • We will discuss the level of investment in your renovation, including timelines, budget, and the inconvenience of construction.
  • The next step is the Design Phase, in which you meet with your Project Designer to go over designs and floor plans, and 3D renderings of your remodeled space.
  • Once you approve a design for your remodel, our designers will go with you to shop for all materials and fixtures.
  • You will also get to meet our trade partners during a scheduled trade walk at your home. J&R will receive quotes from the vendors and trades you met to get a final cost estimate for your job.
  • After we receive all the numbers, you will meet back up again with your consultant to discuss the final cost for your remodel.
Transform Your Space into a Comfortable Haven

The best bathroom design meets your needs and preferences while incorporating functional elements and high-quality materials.

Working with a professional bathroom designer can ensure your vision is achieved while considering technical and logistical considerations. Considering the above factors, you can create a beautiful and functional bathroom that will add value and comfort to your home for years.

Ready for a bathroom upgrade? Our expert bathroom remodeler Lexington can transform your space into a comfortable haven. Get in touch now so we can begin designing your ideal bathroom.

Are You in the Design Process? Things to Consider…


When it comes to your dream bathroom we want to make sure we nail it.

While you are mulling over the desires for your renovations most homeowners should consider the items below.

Deciding on the flooring, sinks, and tub might be obvious but take a look and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Of course, during your free consultation, we will go over all the details of the design.

Efficient use of space: Maximizing the available space is essential since bathrooms are usually small. Efficient storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets and shelving, can keep the space clutter-free and maximize storage capacity.

High-quality materials: Choosing high-quality materials such as natural stone, ceramic tiles, and solid wood can add durability and elegance to your bathroom remodeling Lexington, KY and surrounding areas design. These materials also provide a timeless look that will hold up over time.

Adequate lighting: Good lighting is crucial in any bathroom design. Proper lighting can help create a bright and inviting space while ensuring that tasks such as shaving and applying makeup can be done accurately. Combining overhead, task and ambient lighting may have the most significant effects.

Functional fixtures and fittings: From the sink and toilet to the shower and bathtub, every fixture in your bathroom should be practical and comfortable to use. Additionally, choosing energy-efficient fixtures and fittings can help reduce your water and energy bills.

Personal style: Incorporating a unique style into your bathroom remodeling design can make the space more inviting and personalized. Adding decorative touches like artwork, plants, and textiles can help create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

The Top Notch Bathroom Remodelers

At J&R Construction, we understand that even though bathrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in the house, the renovation process can still involve much work. We prioritize transparent communication, excellent customer service, and building lasting client relationships. Our bathroom remodeling service will put you at ease while your dream is built into reality.

From the first meeting to the finishing touches, we want the bathroom remodel Lexington KY and surrounding areas process to be stress-free for you. Our team will ensure that the materials and fixtures you desire are available and accommodate any extended lead times for delivery. During the demolition process, we take steps to protect your floors and contain the debris.

Regarding fixture installation, we pay close attention to detail to ensure that everything aligns perfectly, from the towel racks to the tiles’ measurements. We aim to create a beautiful, practical space that meets your needs.

Our team is passionate about building and takes pride in delivering innovative designs and quality artistry.

We guarantee our work and offer a warranty on every bathroom remodel Lexington Ky and surrounding areas  project. We are more than just a general contractor, we will become like family through the course of the project.

You can view our portfolio and additional services for more information.


We want you to have a bathroom that you’ll love, and we strive to ensure you’re delighted with the entire process. Call us today to start creating your dream bathroom design Lexington KY and surrounding areas.