Two Unique Trends from 2022

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Two Unique Trends from 2022


A couple unique trends that have been seen in 2022, according to Southern Living, are painted floors and wet room bathrooms. Now if you’re wondering what either of those means we’ve got you covered.


Painted floors

Paint on the floor sounds like a paint job gone wrong but, that may not be the case for long. Here’s what to know before you pick up a paint brush and paint.

When you think of painted floors you think sprawling porches, country homes, and cottages but it is something that is being used for more styles and the home’s interior as well. New takes on this classic design are making it a fun option for almost every style and space. One thing that makes this a nice option is it is a budget friendly one that is highly customizable. You can paint wood, concrete, and even laminate, though laminate can prove more challenging. But you do need to keep in mind that there is quite a bit of upkeep for painted floors.

If you’re feeling extra creative and bold you can even try to DIY a painted floor. Prep work is the first step. You’ll need to clear everything out of the room and then sand the surface to dull it before painting. You will also need to vacuum and mop the space then allow it to fully dry overnight. Lastly make sure to tape any molding or baseboards that you aren’t planning on painting. What exactly you use depends on what you’re painting but many are a latex floor enamel. Now make sure to follow all instructions and not over apply in a rush to finish, it really needs its drying time.

To upkeep just try to make sure it stays debris free to avoid causing scratches. Also a few well-placed rugs in high traffic points will help elongate the life of your painted floor. Now just to enjoy your own piece of art for years to come.


Wet Room Bathrooms

Open floor plans first became popular when it was used to combine kitchen, living, and dining spaces, now it’s making its way into the rest of the home. It’s currently making its way into bathrooms with wet rooms. A wet room is pretty much what you would think, a room that can all get wet. The biggest component is that the shower isn’t separated from the rest of the bathroom, this allows a spa like experience.

One main pro is that having less separation really makes the space feel larger. You literally have more space because you don’t have the walls and such blocking the flow throughout the bathroom. Though you will need to keep in mind that storage will need to be water resistant.

Accessibility is another great aspect to a wet room. Would it surprise you that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home? This is an inevitability with age. But with wet rooms it is all the same level so nothing to step over. With less things being in your way it uncomplicates moving within the space.

Cleaning is easy in these spaces because of a single drain and water accessible from your shower head you can wet down and soap up the space whenever you feel like it. Now though tile is what makes it so easy to clean it can be an increased cost during renovation. It also helps cut down on the likelihood of mold issues because there isn’t as much humidity because it is all open, so you aren’t getting all that steam trapped in one small space. As the whole room is basically one big shower you won’t need to be worrying about leaks and water damage outside of your shower.

Though once you have a wet room you won’t really want to say goodbye it will be a feature that buyers will also enjoy.


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