Fall Decorating Trends for Your Home in 2022

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Fall Decorating Trends for Your Home in 2022


While you may not want to follow trends that are ever changing for your home, there are some timeless fall trends that offer a way to style your home for the cooler seasons.

Interior design trends are changing to meet the demands we are making of our homes this fall season. In 2022 the trends are leaning towards creating a warm and cozy feel where you can have friends and family gather and relax together after the last couple hard years.

Remember that incorporating trends into your home doesn’t mean you have to get décor items that won’t have a place in your home next year, but instead use timeless schemes that will stay with you year after year.

Here are a few insights into the top fall trends for 2022 so that you can create the perfect space for your home this fall season.


1. Using Warm Colors

While room colors are something that proves more difficult to change with trends, designers are starting to see more timeless shades emerging through fall color schemes that stand the test of time.

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown explains that, “Saddle Stich is a gorgeous, warm tan. It belongs to the neutral color family, but it is neutral with plenty of character. It’s very bold and saturated with lots of caramel undertones, but without being too bright or overpowering and it could be a real fashion statement for your walls,” She also says that, “It pairs beautifully with all natural materials like wood, stone, clay, and natural fabrics like linen or jute. Saddle Stich looks the best with soft warm lighting and is perfect for creating a relaxing ambient atmosphere in your home.”

Decorating with brown, or other colors doesn’t have to just be about painting though as Jodie Fried, co-founder of Armadillo reminds us, “This fall we are opting to hunker down with color. As temperature cools and the indoors beckons, a charming palette of deep, rich hues will create the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Deep ruby reds and earthy crimsons make a bold statement by enveloping the room with instant warmth and comfort. Tactile rugs in forest green hues are our new neutral. Visually calming and soothing to touch, mix and match with earthy finishes. Forego trends and choose colors that resonate personally.”

Greens are also a timeless way to bring the outside in, plus it has the added benefit of being a relaxing tone that can make a room feel happy.


2. Incorporating Vintage Finds

Using vintage finds is a great way to bring an autumn feel. Dark woods and distressed finishes can bring a rugged look that is associated with fall. When it comes to first starting to decorate, using reclaimed finds will bring warmth and character to your space. 


3. Natural Finishes

The use of natural finishes has been on a rise this last year. Suzanne Duin, founder of Maison Maison says, “Embrace and combine a variety of natural materials to create a refreshing and inspirational space. From tremendously tactile natural grasses to wonderful woven fabrics, seek creative inspiration from your scheme.”

Bo Hellberg, CMO at String Furniture agrees saying, “Earthy tones are perfect for enriching a space and bringing in a calming feel to a home.”

As we are having to forfeit our outdoor time throughout the cooler fall season, bringing in pieces of nature in subtle ways will give us that warm cozy feeling that we crave this time of year.


4. Create a Cozy Feeing

One of the biggest trends is wanting to capture that feeling of coziness for our homes. Cozy room ideas have almost become a necessity in many of our homes with the cool weather and wanting to relax with friends and family. The cozy trend it the perfect way to create a sanctuary from the hectic world outside.

Claire Hornby, head of creative at Barker and Stonehouse recommends, “This relaxing and restorative look is all about creating a calming home retreat where you can kick back and recharge. Combining organic materials, natural textures, and a soft neutral palette across beautifully crafted furniture and accessories, each space has been designed to channel a mood that’s laid-back and liveable,”.


5. Pops of Bold Color

If it’s just to much to redecorate in fall colors you should consider adding pops of festive colors, or colors that will give your home that cozy and warm feel. There are a few different ways you can add color into your rooms to give them that autumn feel. Consider changing out the soft furnishings or artwork to pieces that are grounded in earthy tones, or even consider bringing plants into your home.

Sally Denyer, didgintal marketing manager at Shutterfly Fabulous says, “Applying a color accent with a window dressing is a great way to include this trend, as the color appears bolder as light shines through the window, drawing attention to the window, which is often one of the most important features in the room.”


6. Arranging Fall Florals

An easy fall trend that can be used to spruce up any part of the home is swapping out your summer blooms for fall-inspired florals.

Audrey Scheck, from Audrey Scheck Design says, “Keep it consistent. Use the same stem in each vessel instead of mixing various branches together. This keeps the arrangement looking timeless and cohesive while allowing the eye to seamlessly flow to other elements in the space.”

Audrey goes on to say, “Choosing saturated florals in deep reds, greens, and oranges will instantly make your space feel like Fall. Layer them alongside pumpkins and gourds to make it extra festive!”. These ideas can be used to decorate your fall table or used to bring that warming touch to your mantel.

Don’t forget you can also use these fall florals to make your own fall wreaths to decorate your walls or your front porch.


7. Nature Inspired Patterns

Using patterns that are inspired by nature goes right along with the emphasis on natural materials.

Lisa Conway, marketing manager at Brintons says, “We’ve seen an increase in a desire for nature-inspired shapes. Town or country, period or modern, natural inspired patterns look striking in any room and can be used to bring a color scheme or theme together.”

Philippe Desart, managing director of Arte says, “The most beautiful textures found in nature are also showcased to striking effect on the wall. From woven grasses to braided leaves and even leather: in the form of wallpaper, they shine brighter than ever,”.


Bonus: Fall Colors for 2022

For fall 2022 deep and earthy shades are some of the most popular. Greens in the olive or mossy shades, warm-toned browns, tans and caramels, and warm neutrals like beiges and off whites to soften. A couple bolder shades that are trending are berry tones and mustard yellows.


Overall throughout all of these trends you see the idea of bringing the feel, color and textures of nature inside your home during the colder months. You want to not feel cooped up in your home, but cozy. These are just a few of the different ways that can help you accomplish that. Happy decorating!