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About Us

Our team is small and family oriented.  We have been serving the Home Building and Home Remodeling industries in Lexington, Owensboro, and Central Kentucky for 15 years.  We are always learning and educating ourselves on the latest trends and products to keep our clients, vendors and trade partners informed of the best approach and options available.  We strive for perfection and appreciate feedback every step of the way.



Eric Abshire, Project Manager

Eric manages most of our Lexington-area projects. Though relatively new to the residential remodeling arena, during his time as a Special Forces Engineer in the military, he directed the full lifecyle of many projects from facilities repairs, to building and infrastructure construction.

Eric is a voracious learner and would love to "geek out" with you on all the newest construction materials and techniques. When not at work, Eric can be found with his beautiful wife, Samantha, and their two (soon to be three) children working on household projects, spending time with family and friends, or enjoying the outdoors together.


Mike Rudd, GM/Project Manager

Mike is our "man on the ground" in Owensboro. He personally oversees all of the projects in that area, guiding our clients from start to completion. Mike will be the face that you see in the Owensboro area after making your initial call to J&R Construction. Mike has an extensive construction background and worked as a subcontractor for J&R Construction before becoming employed as a Project Manager.

He is the one who will help you conceptualize your project, estimate the costs, and supervise your project completion to our company's standards. Mike and his wife, Misty, recently received custody of a new infant, which they welcomed into their family. They are adjusting to life with a newborn and are relishing the joy that he brings to their family. Mike is active in his church and the family enjoys camping and country music. 

Mike Rudd, GM/Project Manager


Josh Fawcett, Lead Carpenter

Josh Fawcett is our "do everything guy," and we haven't found what he can't do well. Josh primarily handles our punch list and warranty activities. Most of our clients will see him on the job at some point. Originally from Canada, Josh comes from a family tradition of construction and remodeling. He has been hanging and finishing drywall, doing finish carpentry, and generally "fixing" things for most of his life.

Our clients always comment on his efficiency and professionalism. Should anything need attention during our 5-year warranty period, Josh is probably the first face you will see. Josh is a family man, and he and his wife have two foster children, which they are in the process of adopting. Josh and Katelyn are soon moving to Wilmore and will become new home owners.


Jim Wilson, Project Manager

Jim is our "hands on" Project Manager in Georgetown. Jim has years of construction experience working as a lead and finish carpenter in the construction of custom homes in the Lexington and Georgetown area. Jim spent several years in Indianapolis as an Assistant Superintendent constructing and remodeling apartment complexes. Jim can often be found on the job site with  hammer in hand, tying up any loose ends. His experience is evident in the quality of work that he brings to his projects. Our clients love to work with Jim, and he delivers the project efficiently, timely, and with beautiful final results. Jim has three grown children and is married to Patsy, who is a retired Speech and Language Pathologist. In his spare time, Jim is a woodworker and motorcycle enthusiast. He and Patsy enjoy motorcycle rides and touring Central Kentucky in Patsy's vintage red sports car with Chloe, their chocolate lab, in the back.

Jim Wilson, Project Manager


Lynn Arnett, Project Designer

Lynn Arnett, Project Designer

Lynn has a long background in home improvement. Lynn's experience encompasses every area of remodeling. He has worked for over 30 years with his father as an Electrician, his brother in remodeling, and now he and his son are master cabinet builders. Lynn designed kitchens and bathrooms for several years first with a major home supply company. He now brings that knowledge to J&R Construction.

He brings the passion and attention to detail that he insists on in his own custom work to the designs that he provides our clients. Clients love that Lynn is with them and guiding them from the very beginning of the process through to completion. He is ever patient and always willing to help and listen. Lynn and his wife, Angie, live in Georgetown and have two children. In his spare time, you may find him relaxing around a campfire with family and friends, working on a project at his church, or crafting an improvement to his 106-year-old home.  


Joseph Dowdy, Project Assistant     

Joseph is currently in school for Architectural Technology. He is learning all the aspects of the business, literally from the ground up. You will see Joseph on the job site assisting our trades, cleaning up, or possibly in the office helping with design drawings.

Joseph's father is currently remodeling their family home, so he has been exposed to construction most of his life. He has a passion for baseball and drums. He was in the marching band at Lafayette and had the honor of going to the Rose Parade with the band.

Joseph Dowdy


Brittany Green, Project Design Assistant

Brittany Green, Project Design Assistant

Brittany is our up-and-coming assistant extraordinaire. She is currently attending EKU and studying Construction Management, but Brittany already has an Associate's Degree in Architectural Technology from BCTC.

She assists Lynn, Jimmy, and Mike in the design drawings. She attended high school in San Diego, California where she became interested in construction while taking a project "Lead The Way" class. Along with carrying a full class load and working, she is busy planning her summer wedding.


Gary McCracken is a Project Manager. 

Gary is one of the newer members of the J&R Construction family. He comes to J&R Construction with 30+ years of construction experience. Gary will be handling projects as the Project Manager outside the larger metropolitan Lexington area.

He is a Veteran and proudly served for 6 years in the military. Gary has continued his service to his community serving as a Firefighter and Paramedic for 24 years. Gary and his wife, Karen, live in Lawrenceberg and have two children and one special service dog. Gary enjoys being in the outdoors, woodworking, gardening, and spending time with his family. 

Gary McCracken


Gary McCracken

Joe Hayes has joined J&R Construction. 

Joe is the newest member of the J&R Construction family. Joe will be joining Jimmy McKinney in our Lexington office. You'll be hearing more about Joe, so we hope you'll 'stay tuned!'



Adele McKinney is our Office Manager extraordinaire. 

Her cheery voice is the first one you'll hear when you call our office. She spends her time setting appointments and making sure that people are where they need to be at the right time. It is a full-time job keeping all of us in line. She is also Jimmy's mom and is the only one who can "call him" on certain things. She and her husband live in Nicholasville. She is also involved in their family rental business and has been around construction and woodworking all of her life. Her father and grandfather were both woodworkers and built their family home. She enjoys her 10 grandchildren and loves to cook. Some of her original oil paintings, which are for sale, can be seen on display in our offices.

Adele McKinney



Jimmy McKinney, Owner

Jimmy McKinney found himself having a love of woodworking from a very young age. In fact, at age 10, Jimmy constructed a club house in his back yard. This club house became a popular place for the neighborhood kids to hang out, because it was weatherproof. Jimmy then began to focus his attentions toward constructing and woodworking. In high school, he studied drafting and took several woodworking classes.

It was during high school that Jimmy met Russell, and they formed a bond of friendship that stands to this day. After graduation, Jimmy went on to study business management at Eastern Kentucky University, and Russell entered active-duty, serving in the U.S. Army.

Jimmy entered the U.S. Army Reserves and from there went to work at a lumber company and other construction/home building companies. Jimmy and Russ traveled around the USA, and they learned as much as they could about the trade, other businesses, and each has gained plenty of life experiences to share.

After several years of working and learning, Jimmy started his own company, McKinney Deck Builders. Jimmy built the business by working full-time during the day at the lumber company, and he worked evenings and weekends building decks, remodeling homes, and mastering tile work. The motto and foundation of our company was then—and still remains today—“Customer Service and Quality First.” 



In 2003, Jimmy and Russ partnered together, founded and changed the name of Jimmy's business to J&R Construction Services, Inc. Our foundational beliefs of customer service and quality first have remained unchanged, and we began to grow our business. Jimmy eventually purchased 100% of the business from Russell in 2004. Jimmy and the entire team truly enjoy helping everyone “Enjoy the Process”.

Jimmy has been married to Penny for over 15 years, and they have three daughters. Penny grew up in Evansville, Indiana, and she has a lot of family in Owensboro, Kentucky. They enjoy many summer weekends in western Kentucky on Lake Barkley, relaxing and taking in some of the most beautiful sunsets in the state. Thank you for allowing our entire team to serve you and your community.








For the past 3 years in a row, J&R Construction been the most awarded Remodeling Company in Central Kentucky!

J & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design CompanyJ & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design CompanyJ & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design CompanyJ & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design Company  J & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design Company J & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design Company J & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design Company     J & R Construction - Lexington KY Remodeling & Design Company     

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